"Avatar has given me 2 important gifts the first is Feel Its or the ability to make a non physical connection with anything or anyone and the second is Serious Drill the ability to listen with Compassion both very much needed in our current World"
"How do you put months of a life changing experience into words? Let me try. When I met Gretchen I appreciated her as a my gifted hairstylist. But, there was something else about her, that free spirited happiness exuding from her person. That playful yet focused intent and wisdom that seemed to guide her. I Couldn’t name it, but knew I wanted it for myself. Gretchen led me gently and expertly along the Avatar path from Resurfacing, to Avatar, then Masters and Wizards. And here I am, still me but with a lot more of that “stuff” I saw and wanted that Gretchen had. Her wisdom and gentle guidance continues to lead me out of the traps I create for myself. Thank you master for showing me the way to improve my life in such meaningful and important ways."
Joyce R.