Meet Gretchen

My Journey

I began my exploration of “What’s going on?” with the Avatar tools back in 1996.  I was a happy person. I was creating lots of wonderful things, but I wanted answers. I wanted to know how everything in the universe worked. I wanted to know the ‘right” answer for everything. How could there be so many different ways to look at things! Someone had to have the secrets of the universe, the real answers, and I wanted them. 

I remember reading the Section 3 materials, “wow, so that’s how it works!” it was like someone just gave me the instruction manual on everything ever created! In a moment, i could feel how all things are “right” at the same time!  I no longer needed someone elses answers, I could explore what was right for me! Freedom.

People often ask me what Avatar did for me. I have to say, Avatar itself did nothing, but using the Avatar tools did everything, miraculous things in fact.  They continuously, experientially reveal to me that this is my life I am creating.. that there is a bigger picture of which I am a part…and how to create better for us all.  It has been fertilizer for my growth, my own unique path. Things really started to accelerate in my life and in the lives of those around me.

When I took on the view that I can create my life, I started creating better, for myself and for the world. How high, how far can you grow? 


Gretchen Clark
Avatar® Master and Wizard